Which way do you think?

We are a mix of creative right brain thinkers and technical left brain thinkers specializing in print and digital media.
Together we are HB Design.
This blend reflects the logical beauty of our graphic design.

design + technology

We've been practicing the art of timeless design for over 30 years. Our creative services include both print work such as infographics and design systems, and digital work like web sites and motion graphics. We listen, understand your vision, and create results.

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clients + industries

Our clients range from large corporations to small startups and nonprofits, and they’re in industries that include healthcare, high tech, wineries, and apparel.

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management + staff

Our team has a wide range of experience within design and technology. We have amazingly low turn-over which means we have a well-oiled machine of talented strategists, programmers, and visionary designers. Our job is to create beautiful work that delivers results and makes you look good.

At HB Design, we listen to what our clients say
and even to what they don’t say.
All in the pursuit of developing long-lasting relationships,
measurable results, and a strong design strategy.

posts + conversations

We left brain thinkers at HB Design are actually a very chatty group but only a few actually understand what we have to say. Get some great details about technology at
our HB Blogside.

HB Blogside

Robert Wallace Technical Director A study in usability November 21, 2016 - How do you learn about usability?  Learning about usability can be accomplished by reading textbooks on the subject, or by reading internet articles.  But it can also be learned by looking at and examining examples of bad usability.  A good … Read more...
Robert Wallace Technical Director Search engine position checking November 1, 2016 - One of the tasks you often want to do is to check which page your site shows on for a particular search engine with a particular query.  If you do this entirely by hand it becomes quite tedious. You go … Read more...
How diversity informs our creative thinking August 16, 2016 - As a nationally certified, diversity-owned company, HB Design is able to build relationships with leading corporations, generate prospective business and clients, and collectively team with other diversity certified business for contracting opportunities. As corporate America becomes more inclusive and further … Read more...

graphic design {HB style}

Our innovative and brilliant
solutions make our
clients look like rock stars
while our streamlined processes make their lives easier.

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clients big {and small}

We’ve worked with brands
you’ve heard of and
brands you haven’t, and we treat them all the same.

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workers and thinkers
{and a few pets}

We're a small family of people who have been working together for many years. Our talents range from skillful programming to creative graphic design to streamlined processes.
Our goal is to deliver results and make you look good.

We love what we do.
From solving complicated
design problems, to developing code
that streamlines a process,
it’s all part of
creating great design.

our opinions {and expertise}

We right brain thinkers at HB Design are passionate about design, and in between contemplating font sizes and pondering color choices, we like to share our thoughts. Join us at
our HB Blogside.

HB Blogside

10 Things to Ask Yourself When Designing Packaging December 19, 2016 - Last week we talked about why it’s vital to have a well-designed package for your product. We also touched on the importance of process and strategy throughout the design. This week we’re sharing a useful list of 10 things to … Read more...
The Influence of Graphic Design in Budapest November 29, 2016 - I recently spent a few weeks in Eastern Europe, visiting Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The trip was filled with inspiring vistas, beautiful countryside palettes, and ancient architectural amazements.
Leslie Worth Creative Director I’m a female Creative Director. Here’s my 3% story. November 4, 2016 - I am a creative director. I am female. I am rare. Until recently, I was part of a 3% club. That was the number of female creative directors at U.S. agencies in 2012. The number is now a whopping 11%. … Read more...