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HB Design Selects Scholarship Recipient

We want to congratulate QLara Wollock, who is the recipient of the 2014 HB Design Scholarship. QLara is attending Lane Community College where she is studying graphic design. She has one more year to go with her education and then … Read more…

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Learning WordPress – where to start

Learning WordPress is becoming more important.  By all accounts WordPress is the standard content management system for a very large number of web sites.  According to w3tech.com (Dec . 12th 2013) 20.9% of websites surveyed using a CMS use WordPress.  … Read more…

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An Event Apart

I recently attended a web design conference in Austin, TX. While the topics of conversation focused on one general area—web design—the audiences ranged widely. There was a little something for everyone, from user experience designers to front-end programmers to designers … Read more…

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What is a design system?

Often in our work we are asked for things that sound simple, but in fact aren’t. (Or would be simple, but wouldn’t be a truly good solution.) And many of those challenges relate to design systems, and whether or not … Read more…

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Sensible Design for Our Changing World

I’m a huge fan of sensible design for our changing world. As a designer, I often struggle with the negative impact of my profession on the environment, and for years, I’ve been working to minimize it. I try to do … Read more…

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