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For Aspiring Graphic and Interactive Design Students

If you live in Oregon and could use a little extra cash to support your studies in graphic or interactive design, now is the time to apply for the HB Design Scholarship. Check out all of the requirements and submission deadline at: http://www.oregonstudentaid.gov, scholarship #472. HB Design has awarded scholarships to some really great students since it was established in 2007.

Here are some of the general requirements:

  • ┬áMust be college junior or above
  • GPA 3.00+
  • Major: Graphic design, interactive design, or equivalent
  • Can attend any eligible accredited U.S. college offering these majors
  • Oregon residents only
  • Awarded to students demonstrating financial need
  • Awarded to fulltime students only
  • Previous applicants and/or recipients may apply again
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