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1970s POSTER – Useless Facts from 1972

Background The 70s… a period of time that most people associate with “interesting” color palettes, disco, feathered hair, and a departure from the settled times of the past. Being a designer born in the beginning of the 1970s, 1972 specifically, … Read more…

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Designing Mommy

I wanted to share my experience with any other mommies out there who are working in graphic design and finding that work life before baby was quite different. Being a designer, things in my personal life tended to take on … Read more…

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Stay With It

HB Design recently designed the identity system and marketing materials for a national pilot program that targets engineering students. STAY WITH IT was developed alongside the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness to interest, engage, and motivate engineering students to … Read more…

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Insightful Experience

Back in November, I had the pleasure of attending the HOW Interactive Conference in San Francisco. It was exciting, inspirational, and educational. This was the first conference I ever attended in my career. It was the first HOW interactive conference … Read more…

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