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Migrate Files and Metadata in SharePoint 2010

Recently, I needed to move many files that had custom metadata from one SharePoint site to a different SharePoint site. I do not have access to the SharePoint server interface, so using PowerShell was not an option. My permissions for … Read more…

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The Importance of Error Messages

Error messages can easily be overlooked when a page or web-based tool is being created. Sometimes the placeholders for error messages are still there when a page or tool has been published—this can lead to confusion. Other times, the message appears … Read more…

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Typography Detective

I went through the Oregon Heritage Rail Museum when it opened. A lot of people attended the opening and took photos. I refrained from taking any photos until I walked through the Pullman cars. Then this warning caught my eye:

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Web-based Applications: Best Practices

One of the services we offer to clients is a usability review of web sites or web-based tools. Sometimes we then are fortunate to help improve the site or tool. Being given the opportunity to review interfaces created by other … Read more…

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Something Adorable

It’s happened again—I’ve found an intriguing and pleasant surprise in my lunch. I truly wasn’t looking for this. That would just be too nerdy. Since that lunch, I’ve had this sitting on my desk. Every single person who sees it … Read more…

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Photos of Typography in the Wild

Bob, our resident magician, is also a photographer and has posted an interesting series of shots on his Facebook page. Here are a few samples of his photos:

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Of Gardeners and Geeks

People have looked at me oddly when I mentioned that people in Korea have used sausages on a stick to use their iPhones. Especially when I add that this Korean snack food had a jump in sales once the word … Read more…

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iPhone Stylus

I ordered a stylus for my iPad, because I wanted a pen that would allow me sketch on my iPad with an app I’d downloaded. I couldn’t remember the brand of stylus I’d read about, and that was my mistake—because … Read more…

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Bambi Meets Godzilla

I have been experimenting with modeling clay. It started when I got a small box of modeling clay as a gift at a trade show. It made me smile, so I brought it to work. Then, I signed up for … Read more…

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Spiffing Up the Blog?

One of the things we’ll do to fulfill resolution #7 is to share more about what makes HB Design special. This will include some behind-the-scenes looks at daily office life. As a first step, we’re going to share some avatars … Read more…

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