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HB Design – 18 rockin’ years!

The year was 1976. I started my career in marketing communications in 1976. That same year the Space Shuttle Enterprise rolled out, Apple Computer Company was formed, and a little-known company named Microsoft registered as a business.

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Chasing Clouds at 9/11 Memorial Plaza

Noma Hanlon and I recently took the subway from New York City’s midtown to Park Place in lower Manhattan and exited the station near Oculus—a landmark piece of architecture designed by Spanish-born, neofuturistic architect, structural engineer and artist, Santiago Calatrava.

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How diversity informs our creative thinking

As a nationally certified, diversity-owned company, HB Design is able to build relationships with leading corporations, generate prospective business and clients, and collectively team with other diversity certified business for contracting opportunities. As corporate America becomes more inclusive and further … Read more…

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A New “Impression” on Letterpress

A few months back, our creative director envisioned a unique way to transform past blog posts into visually compelling posters, or “broadsides,” as art. A broadside is a sheet of paper printed on one side. Historically, they were letterpress posters … Read more…

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The Psychology of Color in Design

This summer, we had an intern from India in our studio. Aastha’s internship was her first exposure to the American business world as well as an opportunity to immerse herself in a design culture. After only a few days in … Read more…

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How A Great Design Inspired An Illustrious Horse Race

The Piazza del Campo in Sienna Italy hasn’t changed much since medieval times. Its design is significant and timeless and continues to work well today as the city’s center for civic life. The open plaza is located at the physical … Read more…

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HB Design Selects Scholarship Recipient

We want to congratulate QLara Wollock, who is the recipient of the 2014 HB Design Scholarship. QLara is attending Lane Community College where she is studying graphic design. She has one more year to go with her education and then … Read more…

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Thoughts on Spec Work

Some creative firms choose to participate in spec (speculative) work to bring in new business. Other firms view spec work differently, and we are among those firms. When you hire professional design studios, photographers, illustrators, musicians, and other creative firms, … Read more…

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You Can Be the Most Powerful Brand in Your Target Market If You Do One Thing: Define Your Brand.

When you’re a small business—or a small but growing regional bank like Northwest Bank—getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollar is crucial. Marketing is costly—especially if you’re a small business or start-up trying to compete with the big guys. … Read more…

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For Aspiring Graphic and Interactive Design Students

If you live in Oregon and could use a little extra cash to support your studies in graphic or interactive design, now is the time to apply for the HB Design Scholarship. Check out all of the requirements and submission … Read more…

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