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Michael Graves Lecture (The Portland Building)

I am not any kind of designer, but my mom is a graphic designer. I have been influenced and nurtured by her from the start. I can appreciate design and I think I can also look at art and design … Read more…

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HB’s Building Facelift

After about 15 years in our building, HB Design has done an exterior remodel. The look was concepted and designed by retired creative director Sandy Brown and our fearless leader Noma Hanlon (who by the way has a degree in … Read more…

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Implementation of a Design System

Recently, we have been working with CRU. CRU brings physical data security and safe data transportation devices to market for the education, audio/video production, digital cinema, government, and business audiences. CRU recently redesigned their visual design system and contacted us … Read more…

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Summer Break!

The HB Design blog is going on summer vacation! In the meantime, take a look at the what we are pinning on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/hbdesignpdx Have a great summer!

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The Importance of Content

It’s not just the images and graphics that are important in graphic design—the content matters. A lot. Content usually drives the overall design, in addition to images and graphics. Graphic design is used to convey a message—it has intent and … Read more…

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Generic Brand Names

Many words we all use in basic conversation were once or are still a trademarked brand name of one company or another. Sharpie, post-it, wite-out, band-aid—all of these are nouns that we use to refer any number of items: permanent … Read more…

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Every Great Dream Starts With a Dreamer: Kiersten

I got this in response to my blog “Every Great Dream Starts with a Dreamer.” I’d love to hear your story, so please send it my way. Kiersten I’ve been exposed to art and design all of my life. When … Read more…

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