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CSS properties – content and counters

Since CSS 2.1 there have been CSS properties that allow you to insert content before or after a tag’s normal content. This offers some interesting capabilities. But when should you use this feature?

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Of Gardeners and Geeks

People have looked at me oddly when I mentioned that people in Korea have used sausages on a stick to use their iPhones. Especially when I add that this Korean snack food had a jump in sales once the word … Read more…

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iPhone Stylus

I ordered a stylus for my iPad, because I wanted a pen that would allow me sketch on my iPad with an app I’d downloaded. I couldn’t remember the brand of stylus I’d read about, and that was my mistake—because … Read more…

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Usability and Accessibility

I work with usability as it applies to web sites and interactive pieces. We sometimes discuss accessibility with our clients, which has brought up some interesting questions. (Depending on the client, accessibility may be a requirement for the design we … Read more…

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