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The Importance of Error Messages

Error messages can easily be overlooked when a page or web-based tool is being created. Sometimes the placeholders for error messages are still there when a page or tool has been published—this can lead to confusion. Other times, the message appears … Read more…

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Usability and Accessibility

I work with usability as it applies to web sites and interactive pieces. We sometimes discuss accessibility with our clients, which has brought up some interesting questions. (Depending on the client, accessibility may be a requirement for the design we … Read more…

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Crafting 404 pages

As a follow up to my earlier post on Entertaining Error Messages, I’d like to offer this article from Smashing Magazine. It’s a thoughtful explanation that looks at preventing the “page not found” error in the first place as well … Read more…

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Entertaining Error Messages

In an earlier post, I mentioned my favorite error message: Nothing to undo I’m not the only person who thinks about error messages. It’s part of usability, for example: deciding when, and where, to place error messages so that the … Read more…

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Nothing to Undo

My iPhone sometimes displays this error message, which has become my favorite. The message carries with it both a sense of calm and an opportunity to pause in the moment.        

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