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Building and Launching the New HBDesign.com from a Technical Perspective

Redesigning and launching a new web site is a daunting task with many things to take into consideration. One of the key considerations for us was to bring our web site up-to-date from both a design and a technology perspective. … Read more…

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A New “Impression” on Letterpress

A few months back, our creative director envisioned a unique way to transform past blog posts into visually compelling posters, or “broadsides,” as art. A broadside is a sheet of paper printed on one side. Historically, they were letterpress posters … Read more…

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Engaging a Design Firm for a Web Site

If you think hiring a design firm to build you a web site is daunting, try researching “what you need to know about hiring a design firm.” Do some research, and you can find 44 questions to ask before hiring … Read more…

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The Psychology of Color in Design

This summer, we had an intern from India in our studio. Aastha’s internship was her first exposure to the American business world as well as an opportunity to immerse herself in a design culture. After only a few days in … Read more…

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Storytelling at Portland Youth Builders

Getting an opportunity to talk with others about a shared interest will give way to engaging conversation and a means for each party to get to know each other on a deeper level.

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Learning HTML is like learning a foreign language

Aside from my duties here at HB Design I also teach college courses at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington—including teaching an “Introduction to HTML.” Having taught the course for many years I have been struck by a comparison to learning … Read more…

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HB’s Building Facelift

After about 15 years in our building, HB Design has done an exterior remodel. The look was concepted and designed by retired creative director Sandy Brown and our fearless leader Noma Hanlon (who by the way has a degree in … Read more…

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Implementation of a Design System

Recently, we have been working with CRU. CRU brings physical data security and safe data transportation devices to market for the education, audio/video production, digital cinema, government, and business audiences. CRU recently redesigned their visual design system and contacted us … Read more…

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Tool Building – an HTML table generator

Okay, I admit it. I am an engineer, not a designer.  My training and background are in software engineering. Because of that I enjoy creating tools that make my tasks easier. I am constantly looking at tasks I do and am asking myself how … Read more…

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Screen Calipers

Web site developers and web site designers often need a tool to take screen measurements.  For years I used Screen Calipers v1.0 by Nico Westerdale.  It was very simple to use and had a clean design: Best of all it … Read more…

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