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Designing Mommy

I wanted to share my experience with any other mommies out there who are working in graphic design and finding that work life before baby was quite different. Being a designer, things in my personal life tended to take on … Read more…

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The Myth of Content Management

Having worked with many different content management systems, ranging from open source to enterprise level systems—and having sat in on countless management meetings—I have discovered that there are myths relating to content management systems. The myths? Content management systems manage content, and … Read more…

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Design: Before and After – Friend or Foe: The Computer – What Happened to Design?

I can’t decide what to title this post. I have many feelings about this particular subject, and I’m not sure where I want them to land. The subject is the computer and how it has affected design. There are positive … Read more…

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Sensible Design for Our Changing World

I’m a huge fan of sensible design for our changing world. As a designer, I often struggle with the negative impact of my profession on the environment, and for years, I’ve been working to minimize it. I try to do … Read more…

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