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Implementation of a Design System

Recently, we have been working with CRU. CRU brings physical data security and safe data transportation devices to market for the education, audio/video production, digital cinema, government, and business audiences.

CRU recently redesigned their visual design system and contacted us to update their web site and print collateral using their new design platform. The new design emphasizes clean visual aesthetics and a bright, color-coded palette, along with benefit-oriented imagery to better communicate the quality and durability of CRU products. In addition, we suggested adding a series of infographics to be used across print and web to help visually convey their concepts. While the basic system elements had already been designed, the infographics and implementation strategy across all of their marketing materials had not.

We developed a series of illustrations and then worked with the CRU team to determine a consistent application of their brand elements, resulting in a great example of print design and web design working together to unify a brand.

The materials we created for CRU include marketing brochures for photography and small business audiences, and a new web site developed in WordPress (www.cru-inc.com). CRU also engaged with us to design new retail packaging to launch a new product. We used the same system strategy to create a cost-effective sleeve package for the new retail product, as well as the existing product line.

Overall our experience working with CRU has included a mix of great products, great people, andĀ a great design system. It has resulted inĀ consistent, successful marketing materials.

CRU printed brochure


CRU infographic

CRU infographic

CRU mouse jiggler

CRU mouse jiggler packaging

CRU packaging

CRU packaging


Web site design for CRU

Web site design for CRU


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