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Web Calipers – Part 3 – Techniques and Technology

This is the third part of our three part series on Web Calipers. The 1st post was on the history and purpose of Web Calipers. The 2nd post was on how to use Web Calipers including short-cut keys and bookmarking instructions. … Read more…

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Bookmarklets and Browser Security

I am a big fan of bookmarklets. (A bookmarklet is basically a piece of JavaScript code that is embedded in a web address (URL) and saved as a bookmark or, in Internet Explorer (IE), a favorite.) Bookmarklets work because JavaScript … Read more…

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Bookmarket for Validating CSS and HTML

As a web coder, part of my work flow is to validate the HTML and CSS code on my pages.  In the past I have used the “Web Developer Toolbar” plugin for Firefox.  The plugin is a great tool with … Read more…

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