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List pages by templates – WordPress plugin

If you are a WordPress developer, or are maintaining a site where you have to update page templates, one thing you would like to be able to have is a WordPress plugin to list all of the pages that a … Read more…

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Drupal to WordPress Migration

Years ago I set up a personal website using the content management system (CMS) Drupal, in part to evaluate Drupal.  While I was happy in general with Drupal, it had some issues.  I also have set up many WordPress sites … Read more…

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The Importance of Error Messages

Error messages can easily be overlooked when a page or web-based tool is being created. Sometimes the placeholders for error messages are still there when a page or tool has been published—this can lead to confusion. Other times, the message appears … Read more…

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Comparison of Browser Web Development Tools

As a web page developer, I rely on web browser-based development tools like Firebug. Over the years each browser as improved their built-in tools, so I thought I would write a series of posts looking at features I find useful … Read more…

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Is Hand-Coding HTML Web Sites Dead?

I have been coding web sites from the dawn of time (1996 or so), and currently teach college courses relating to coding for the web. Until recently, whenever a web job came into the agency, the process would be to … Read more…

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Web Development Tools — Emmet for HTML Coding

We use a lot of different HTML editors here at HB Design.  Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, Notepad++, and PSPad, to name a few.  I personally like PSPad.  It is fast and simple, yet has some powerful features like search … Read more…

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