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Batch optimization of photos

Just recently we had a client ask how to optimize photos for the web.  I have a post describing the steps which you can read (Web Page Load Times and Image Optimization).  That post describes the steps: copy, crop, resize, and … Read more…

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Graphic Design Down Under

I recently returned from a holiday in New Zealand. The country is visually stunning! I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty countrywide, and I was also taken by the amount of bold, illustrative graphic design that lives almost everywhere. It … Read more…

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Design Inspiration From Nature

 You Can Find Design Inspiration Everywhere I go out to my folks’ farm each weekend find inspiration from the wildlife that visits the farm. Deer, skunks, coyotes, foxes and birds… lots of birds. Scrub Jays, Eurasian Doves, Towhees, Gold Finches, Purple Finches, … Read more…

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Design Quotes and inspiration

I am a collector of quotes.  Being an engineer, and therefore somewhat inarticulate, I find comfort that others can express ideas with beauty, somewhat like good design.  So below are some design-oriented quotations that I like.  The photography is mine, … Read more…

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