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Search engine position checking

One of the tasks you often want to do is to check which page your site shows on for a particular search engine with a particular query.  If you do this entirely by hand it becomes quite tedious. You go … Read more…

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What to do after launching a WordPress site

You are a small business that hired someone to build your web site using WordPress.  It just launched so what should you do now? Well, you should start by checking “under the hood.” There are several key areas to consider.

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WordPress as a CMS

By now, almost everyone who wants or has a web site has heard about WordPress. Originally a blogging platform, it has evolved into one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). It is relatively easy to install, easy to … Read more…

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Content is King

In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King” (http://www.craigbailey.net/content-is-king-by-bill-gates/), which over time has become a mantra for the web. Like many sacred utterances some believe it and others challenge it. And I suspect most people haven’t … Read more…

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Requests for Proposals

We get a lot of requests for proposals (RFP) for web sites here at HB Design. This post looks at two common requirements that are often stated in web RFPs: The site should be easy to find in common search … Read more…

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