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A study in usability

How do you learn about usability?  Learning about usability can be accomplished by reading textbooks on the subject, or by reading internet articles.  But it can also be learned by looking at and examining examples of bad usability.  A good … Read more…

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Search engine position checking

One of the tasks you often want to do is to check which page your site shows on for a particular search engine with a particular query.  If you do this entirely by hand it becomes quite tedious. You go … Read more…

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What to do after launching a WordPress site

You are a small business that hired someone to build your web site using WordPress.  It just launched so what should you do now? Well, you should start by checking “under the hood.” There are several key areas to consider.

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Sprite Sheets

Why do some programmers argue for old solutions like sprite sheets when they are far worse? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t use sprite sheets.

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The State of Motion Graphics on the Web

To understand the state of motion graphics on the web and where we’re headed, we should look at the needs, the solutions, and the tools used to create those solutions.

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List pages by templates – WordPress plugin

If you are a WordPress developer, or are maintaining a site where you have to update page templates, one thing you would like to be able to have is a WordPress plugin to list all of the pages that a … Read more…

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Migrate Files and Metadata in SharePoint 2010

Recently, I needed to move many files that had custom metadata from one SharePoint site to a different SharePoint site. I do not have access to the SharePoint server interface, so using PowerShell was not an option. My permissions for … Read more…

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Photoshop tips for web developers

At HB Design, web developers are given Photoshop PSD files that were created by Web Designers to code. This blog includes some Photoshop tips to make working with those PSD files easier.

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Web Calipers – Part 3 – Techniques and Technology

This is the third part of our three part series on Web Calipers. The 1st post was on the history and purpose of Web Calipers. The 2nd post was on how to use Web Calipers including short-cut keys and bookmarking instructions. … Read more…

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Web Calipers – Part 2 – How To

This is the second post in a three part series. Part 1 went over the history of the purpose of Calipers. Part 3 goes over the techniques and technologies that went into creating Web Calipers. Use But Don’t Install With … Read more…

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