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The Influence of Graphic Design in Budapest

I recently spent a few weeks in Eastern Europe, visiting Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The trip was filled with inspiring vistas, beautiful countryside palettes, and ancient architectural amazements.

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1970s POSTER – Useless Facts from 1972

Background The 70s… a period of time that most people associate with “interesting” color palettes, disco, feathered hair, and a departure from the settled times of the past. Being a designer born in the beginning of the 1970s, 1972 specifically, … Read more…

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1960s POSTER – Going Against the Grain

Background I’ve always had an itch for going against the grain and speaking up for what I believe in. The 1960s time period spoke to me because I think back then, there was an air of taking controversial issues head … Read more…

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1940s POSTER – Metamorphosis of the Horror Film

 Background As a child, the first things to make me aware of design were the monster magazines that were enjoying the end of their heyday. The boldly painted covers and wildly creative typography drew my eye and inspired me to … Read more…

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Vintage Typography and Design

Aaaah…vacations. We all need them to relax and reenergize. I also need them to get inspired, often through the combination of nature AND city. So what could be better than a road trip through state and national parks with city lodging along the way…? Add my little … Read more…

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Modern Illumination: The Saint John’s Bible

While recently visiting family in the frigid Midwest I had the opportunity to see the Illuminated Saint John’s Bible exhibit at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, WI. It was commissioned in 1998 by the Saint John’s Abbey and … Read more…

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Managing fonts with the Google Web Font Loader

What is the Google Web Font Loader? To understand what the font loader is, you first need to understand using web fonts. With the @font-face CSS rule, you can specify fonts to download for your web page. This CSS rule was first … Read more…

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Typography and CSS3

Working for a graphic design firm is interesting.  Print designers can be highly-strung individuals when faced with examples of poor typography.  Straight quotes that should be curved quotes, poor kerning, fonts not using ligatures—are all examples of things that can … Read more…

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Distressed Type

While I am a web site developer, and not a graphic designer, I have always liked the aesthetics of type, especially in the form of old, weathered signage. And being an amateur photographer allows me to explore this interest.  Click … Read more…

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Photos of Typography in the Wild

Bob, our resident magician, is also a photographer and has posted an interesting series of shots on his Facebook page. Here are a few samples of his photos:

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