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Happy Holidays from Everyone at HB Design.

  ‘Tis the season for giving and our gift to you is a set of our hand-crafted holiday cards. Each tells a little story through words and images, and is letterpress printed by our creative team. Reach out or stop by … Read more…

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The Influence of Graphic Design in Budapest

I recently spent a few weeks in Eastern Europe, visiting Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The trip was filled with inspiring vistas, beautiful countryside palettes, and ancient architectural amazements.

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I’m a female Creative Director. Here’s my 3% story.

I am a creative director. I am female. I am rare. Until recently, I was part of a 3% club. That was the number of female creative directors at U.S. agencies in 2012. The number is now a whopping 11%. … Read more…

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1980s Poster – Fashion

This is the last poster of our series.   Background The 1980s. As a designer, I’ve had fun with fashion, especially during the 80s while I was in my 20s and studying design in Cincinnati. Fashion was my most expressive and obvious … Read more…

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Graphic design from the 40s – 80s : Our infographic poster series

The graphic design team at HB Design recently completed a series of infographic posters to hang in our front lobby. I assigned each of the designers a decade, and asked them to design a poster with the following requirements:

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Design Flashback

I saved all of my college design projects. The closet in my old bedroom at my parents’ house is filled with them. And during a recent visit, I found a particularly interesting one.

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5 ways to dump a creative slump

Creative slumps. We all get them. We get stuck on one idea, or feel void of new ideas. Often we just sit and wallow in our lack of creativity, but there are many ways to get out of a creative … Read more…

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Adventures in Swiss Design

Design. Design is everywhere. It can be found in the mugs from which we drink our morning coffee. It’s evident in the packages we choose at the grocery store. And for me, it influences many aspects of my life. The … Read more…

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Do I need a design system?

And btw, what is a design system? I’ll begin to answer those questions with a question.  Does your business or service produce marketing or communication materials? If the answer is “yes,” then you need a design system.  A design system is … Read more…

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Vintage Typography and Design

Aaaah…vacations. We all need them to relax and reenergize. I also need them to get inspired, often through the combination of nature AND city. So what could be better than a road trip through state and national parks with city lodging along the way…? Add my little … Read more…

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