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10 Things to Ask Yourself When Designing Packaging

Last week we talked about why it’s vital to have a well-designed package for your product. We also touched on the importance of process and strategy throughout the design. This week we’re sharing a useful list of 10 things to … Read more…

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Effective Package Design Sells Products

It’s a no-brainer that a well-designed product package promotes product sales. Think about the time you stood doe-eyed gazing down an aisle of like products determining which one to buy. Did you grab the one with the unclear messaging and … Read more…

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Trash to Treasure: Dr. Evermor’s Art Park

While visiting Madison, Wisconsin earlier this summer, the fam and I found ourselves with a rare “no plans day.” After consuming copious amounts of spicy cheese bread at the Capital Square Farmer’s Market, we headed to Dr. Evermor’s Art Park … Read more…

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Modern Illumination: The Saint John’s Bible

While recently visiting family in the frigid Midwest I had the opportunity to see the Illuminated Saint John’s Bible exhibit at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, WI. It was commissioned in 1998 by the Saint John’s Abbey and … Read more…

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CES 2014: Entertainment Rules the Show

Last month Leslie and I attended CES for two fun filled days in (somewhat) sunny Las Vegas. As expected, there were myriads of booths and products to explore. We saw robots, drones, 3D printers and at least a dozen people … Read more…

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The World in Motion

Last month I had the opportunity to write an editorial article for Media Inc. magazine—an industry leading Northwest marketing and advertising publication. I wanted to examine a topic that was not only relevant but that provided opportunities for fellow industry … Read more…

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What is Your Social Network Doing for You?

A recent experience with a very successful event that was announced solely via social media prompted me to examine my social network usage.

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Do You Trust Your Social Network?

Would you attend a public event announced solely via one Facebook post on one fan page?

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Ode to the HB Popcorn Maker

Of all the many pieces of office equipment that have been purchased in my five years of employment here, I have to confess that the popcorn maker is truly the best!

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Fashion + Food + A Good Cause = Fun Thursday Night at the Office

The ladies of HB Design held our second annual clothing swap last Thursday night. We had a great turnout! There were many treasures to choose from and amazingly enough there was only one bag breakage incident.

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