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Creating Engaging Video Content


By this time, I think we all understand that using video to market your brand or tell your company’s story is a good idea. I mean, in a world where practically everyone carries a little TV screen in their pocket, accessing the masses with video content just keeps getting easier and easier. But what’s not getting easier is keeping those masses engaged once you get them to click on your little play button. Video is everywhere and attention spans are short, so creating quality, engaging content that accomplishes your desired result is key.

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What to do after launching a WordPress site

Robert Wallace Technical Director

You are a small business that hired someone to build your web site using WordPress.  It just launched so what should you do now?

Well, you should start by checking “under the hood.” There are several key areas to consider.

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My Design Adventure by Emmy Pellico

Our Team

In 1988, I worked as a graphic artist for Hanlon Brown Design. Things were a lot different 28 years ago. First of all, there were 4 employees, not 18 as currently employed full-time. Paste-up work was still a reality, copy was sent out for typesetting, and Lettraset rub down letters were common for smaller jobs. Computer design was beginning to blossom with PageMaker used for layouts and Freehand for illustration work. One thing hasn’t changed and that’s the tireless leadership and dedication of Noma Hanlon, the agency President and Founder.

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How diversity informs our creative thinking


As a nationally certified, diversity-owned company, HB Design is able to build relationships with leading corporations, generate prospective business and clients, and collectively team with other diversity certified business for contracting opportunities. As corporate America becomes more inclusive and further diversifies its supply chain, certification offers the opportunity for businesses that qualify to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

Being a diverse company alone, however, does not guarantee work. Great projects are earned by delivering an excellent product and service. But being certified does add to our company’s persona and is of interest to large corporations seeking to diversify their supply chain. Diversity and inclusion are recognized as vital components to the growth and development of the global economy. Today, many Fortune 500 companies have formal policies that encourage partnering with diversity-certified business owners, whether they are minorities, women, veterans of the armed forces or members of the LGBT community.

Diverse people offer diverse thinking—an essential ingredient for creative thinking. As a certified woman-owned business by WBENC, and as a certified LGBT-owned company by the NGLCC, our clients rely on our unique perspective and ability to unravel their business challenges with solutions that speak to a diverse world.

Recently HB Design was featured in this video that showcases our work, our way of thinking, and how our certification as a diverse supplier is of value.

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Sprite Sheets

Gery Teague Web Developer

Why do some programmers argue for old solutions like sprite sheets when they are far worse? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t use sprite sheets.

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Development tools for responsive web design

Robert Wallace Technical Director

Development tools for responsive web design are getting better all the time. Unfortunately they are not always obvious. Recently one of my co-workers showed me how Google Chrome has a great tool for showing how a web page responds to changing view port sizes. Well I personally prefer developing in Firefox, so I went looking for a plug in that does the same,

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1980s Poster – Fashion


This is the last poster of our series.



The 1980s. As a designer, I’ve had fun with fashion, especially during the 80s while I was in my 20s and studying design in Cincinnati. Fashion was my most expressive and obvious form of creativity. I wore my pointy NaNa shoes, cut off leggings with short, painted and dyed skirts, torn boy jeans with men’s vintage suit jackets, big BIG earrings and bright red lipstick with enthusiastic verve. In the 80s fashion was fun, expressive and creative, and I have fond memories of my style from that time. So to add a bit of “me” to my poster, I chose to focus on 1980s fashion.

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1970s POSTER – Useless Facts from 1972



The 70s… a period of time that most people associate with “interesting” color palettes, disco, feathered hair, and a departure from the settled times of the past. Being a designer born in the beginning of the 1970s, 1972 specifically, I grew up not really aware of much of the time period. Though there are cliche reminders of the 70s, I thought it would be interesting to focus on what was real at the time and how it was remembered by those who focus on details.

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1960s POSTER – Going Against the Grain



I’ve always had an itch for going against the grain and speaking up for what I believe in. The 1960s time period spoke to me because I think back then, there was an air of taking controversial issues head on. It was a time of counterculture and free expression. I think the graphics and colors used in my poster reflect these elements of the time.

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1950s POSTER – Blue Note Records



I have a love of jazz and Blue Note Records album cover artwork. The 1950s were the heyday for jazz and Blue Note Records; and the graphic design of their album covers always had a certain look that embodied the spirit of jazz.

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