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10 Things to Ask Yourself When Designing Packaging


Last week we talked about why it’s vital to have a well-designed package for your product. We also touched on the importance of process and strategy throughout the design. This week we’re sharing a useful list of 10 things to consider before jumping into your own package design.

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Effective Package Design Sells Products

It’s a no-brainer that a well-designed product package promotes product sales. Think about the time you stood doe-eyed gazing down an aisle of like products determining which one to buy. Did you grab the one with the unclear messaging and chaotic look, or did you reach for the smart looking box with clean design that spoke directly to your needs? Effective package design sells more products.

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The Influence of Graphic Design in Budapest


I recently spent a few weeks in Eastern Europe, visiting Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The trip was filled with inspiring vistas, beautiful countryside palettes, and ancient architectural amazements.

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A study in usability

Robert Wallace Technical Director

How do you learn about usability?  Learning about usability can be accomplished by reading textbooks on the subject, or by reading internet articles.  But it can also be learned by looking at and examining examples of bad usability.  A good source of examples is from Jakob Nielsen’s web site on user experience.  But perhaps the best source is to conciously recognize bad usability when you see it.

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Chasing Clouds at 9/11 Memorial Plaza


Noma Hanlon and I recently took the subway from New York City’s midtown to Park Place in lower Manhattan and exited the station near Oculus—a landmark piece of architecture designed by Spanish-born, neofuturistic architect, structural engineer and artist, Santiago Calatrava.

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I’m a female Creative Director. Here’s my 3% story.

Leslie Worth Creative Director

I am a creative director. I am female. I am rare.

Until recently, I was part of a 3% club. That was the number of female creative directors at U.S. agencies in 2012. The number is now a whopping 11%. (Let’s celebrate, ladies!) Logically, these numbers don’t make a bit of sense, considering graphic design students are 55-85% female in the U.S.

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Search engine position checking

Robert Wallace Technical Director

One of the tasks you often want to do is to check which page your site shows on for a particular search engine with a particular query.  If you do this entirely by hand it becomes quite tedious. You go to Google, or Bing, or Yahoo and type in your search term. Then on the search page you have to scroll through the page looking for your site. And if you don’t find it you click the “next” link and repeat.

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Creating Engaging Video Content


By this time, I think we all understand that using video to market your brand or tell your company’s story is a good idea. I mean, in a world where practically everyone carries a little TV screen in their pocket, accessing the masses with video content just keeps getting easier and easier. But what’s not getting easier is keeping those masses engaged once you get them to click on your little play button. Video is everywhere and attention spans are short, so creating quality, engaging content that accomplishes your desired result is key.

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What to do after launching a WordPress site

Robert Wallace Technical Director

You are a small business that hired someone to build your web site using WordPress.  It just launched so what should you do now?

Well, you should start by checking “under the hood.” There are several key areas to consider.

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My Design Adventure by Emmy Pellico

Our Team

In 1988, I worked as a graphic artist for Hanlon Brown Design. Things were a lot different 28 years ago. First of all, there were 4 employees, not 18 as currently employed full-time. Paste-up work was still a reality, copy was sent out for typesetting, and Lettraset rub down letters were common for smaller jobs. Computer design was beginning to blossom with PageMaker used for layouts and Freehand for illustration work. One thing hasn’t changed and that’s the tireless leadership and dedication of Noma Hanlon, the agency President and Founder.

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