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Drupal to WordPress Migration


Years ago I set up a personal website using the content management system (CMS) Drupal, in part to evaluate Drupal.  While I was happy in general with Drupal, it had some issues.  I also have set up many WordPress sites and believe that WordPress is much easier to maintain and update.  So I recently decided to migrate all of my Drupal content to WordPress.

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Architecture: Adding to the Conversation of Our Skyline


I have recently taken an interest in architecture – it started a year ago during Design Week Portland when I went to a talk, spur of the moment, and happened to be sitting in a small room listening to a guy (Gordon Gill), who had a hand in building the TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD (!) He talked about the project and other projects he was working on (only the NEXT tallest building in the world). You know, just another talk.

I was smitten.

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Migrate Files and Metadata in SharePoint 2010


Recently, I needed to move many files that had custom metadata from one SharePoint site to a different SharePoint site.

  • I do not have access to the SharePoint server interface, so using PowerShell was not an option.
  • My permissions for each library are Full Control.
  • Some of the individual files were larger than 50MB, which exceeds the file size that SharePoint allows.
  • Some metadata used Managed Term Stores*.

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Annual ///M Car Day


Here at HB Design we love beautiful design, we love beautiful engineering, and we love cars, specifically cars that are both beautifully designed and engineered.

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Photoshop tips for web developers


At HB Design, web developers are given Photoshop PSD files that were created by Web Designers to code. This blog includes some Photoshop tips to make working with those PSD files easier.

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Design Flashback


I saved all of my college design projects. The closet in my old bedroom at my parents’ house is filled with them. And during a recent visit, I found a particularly interesting one.

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Batch optimization of photos


Just recently we had a client ask how to optimize photos for the web.  I have a post describing the steps which you can read (Web Page Load Times and Image Optimization).  That post describes the steps: copy, crop, resize, and optimize.  The “crop” step implies editing each image and cropping out unneeded  or unimportant image elements. 

But in many cases you have a large number of photos you have taken and you just want to optimize them for the web, all at once.  A professional might use a tool such as Adobe Photoshop.  But for many a free PC based tool will do the job just fine.

The tool I use is called RIOT.  The stand-alone program is available at http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/

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British Typography


I own a couple of classic British cars and spent a Saturday recently at the All British Field Meet in Portland. Below are some examples of British typography from the meet. (click on the thumbnails to view larger images)

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5 ways to dump a creative slump


Creative slumps. We all get them. We get stuck on one idea, or feel void of new ideas. Often we just sit and wallow in our lack of creativity, but there are many ways to get out of a creative slump.

Here are 5 ways that work for me.

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Contacts from SugarCRM CE by email address


SurgarCRM CE (Community Edition) is an open source client relation management software. Recently I had the… I am searching for the right word… is it pleasure, no; opportunity; no that isn’t it either. I was looking for information on how to use SugarCRM CE’s REST API to get contact information based on the contact’s e-mail address. I think the word is “painful” experience. But, eventually I was successful so I thought I would share my experience.

What is REST?

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