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HB Design – 18 rockin’ years!

The year was 1976. I started my career in marketing communications in 1976. That same year the Space Shuttle Enterprise rolled out, Apple Computer Company was formed, and a little-known company named Microsoft registered as a business.

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Chasing Clouds at 9/11 Memorial Plaza

Noma Hanlon and I recently took the subway from New York City’s midtown to Park Place in lower Manhattan and exited the station near Oculus—a landmark piece of architecture designed by Spanish-born, neofuturistic architect, structural engineer and artist, Santiago Calatrava.

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I’m a female Creative Director. Here’s my 3% story.

I am a creative director. I am female. I am rare. Until recently, I was part of a 3% club. That was the number of female creative directors at U.S. agencies in 2012. The number is now a whopping 11%. … Read more…

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My Design Adventure by Emmy Pellico

In 1988, I worked as a graphic artist for Hanlon Brown Design. Things were a lot different 28 years ago. First of all, there were 4 employees, not 18 as currently employed full-time. Paste-up work was still a reality, copy … Read more…

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1980s Poster – Fashion

This is the last poster of our series.   Background The 1980s. As a designer, I’ve had fun with fashion, especially during the 80s while I was in my 20s and studying design in Cincinnati. Fashion was my most expressive and obvious … Read more…

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Design Flashback

I saved all of my college design projects. The closet in my old bedroom at my parents’ house is filled with them. And during a recent visit, I found a particularly interesting one.

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Why did I become a graphic designer?

Fatherhood. So, I recently became a father.  Which has inspired me to look closely at my life, and start asking a lot of questions.  I’m finding that many of those questions have parallels that relate to work as a graphic … Read more…

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Vintage Typography and Design

Aaaah…vacations. We all need them to relax and reenergize. I also need them to get inspired, often through the combination of nature AND city. So what could be better than a road trip through state and national parks with city lodging along the way…? Add my little … Read more…

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The Psychology of Color in Design

This summer, we had an intern from India in our studio. Aastha’s internship was her first exposure to the American business world as well as an opportunity to immerse herself in a design culture. After only a few days in … Read more…

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HB Design Selects Scholarship Recipient

We want to congratulate QLara Wollock, who is the recipient of the 2014 HB Design Scholarship. QLara is attending Lane Community College where she is studying graphic design. She has one more year to go with her education and then … Read more…

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