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Summer Break!

The HB Design blog is going on summer vacation! In the meantime, take a look at the what we are pinning on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/hbdesignpdx Have a great summer!

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The Importance of Content

It’s not just the images and graphics that are important in graphic design—the content matters. A lot. Content usually drives the overall design, in addition to images and graphics. Graphic design is used to convey a message—it has intent and … Read more…

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Amazing opportunities lie ahead in the realm of integrated marketing!

Imagine you receive an invitation to something intriguing. Something that appeals to your specific interests, feeds your curiosity, and gradually leads you to a magical experience that engages you. It sounds more like something out of a Harry Potter movie … Read more…

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What is Your Social Network Doing for You?

A recent experience with a very successful event that was announced solely via social media prompted me to examine my social network usage.

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Do You Trust Your Social Network?

Would you attend a public event announced solely via one Facebook post on one fan page?

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Man’s New Best Friend?

Ingenuity in advertising creates an entirely new type of demand A few months ago I received a group email from a friend reading: “I want one of these http://journalofpetitelapgiraffescience.weebly.com/!” I clicked the link and viewed a live feed of a … Read more…

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The Commodification of Like

Do you remember being in Kindergarten, and living through the social dynamics of the playground? Do you remember the kid whose clear goal it was to get people to like him? Maybe they had cool toys, or made up stories … Read more…

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