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Effective Package Design Sells Products

It’s a no-brainer that a well-designed product package promotes product sales. Think about the time you stood doe-eyed gazing down an aisle of like products determining which one to buy. Did you grab the one with the unclear messaging and … Read more…

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Designing and Launching the New HBDesign.com From a Design Standpoint

This is the second post about the launch of our new website. This one comes from my perspective, the right-brained designer experience. Like Bob mentioned in his post, I also found the task daunting (but exhilarating at the same time).  It’s always a challenge … Read more…

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Graphic Design Down Under

I recently returned from a holiday in New Zealand. The country is visually stunning! I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty countrywide, and I was also taken by the amount of bold, illustrative graphic design that lives almost everywhere. It … Read more…

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Why Do New Web Sites Look the Same?

Try Googling that question! When I Googled it I got 361 million results, so it seems to be a question that a fair number of people are asking. I also think that the answer is somewhat complex. Part of the … Read more…

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You Can Be the Most Powerful Brand in Your Target Market If You Do One Thing: Define Your Brand.

When you’re a small business—or a small but growing regional bank like Northwest Bank—getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollar is crucial. Marketing is costly—especially if you’re a small business or start-up trying to compete with the big guys. … Read more…

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Generic Brand Names

Many words we all use in basic conversation were once or are still a trademarked brand name of one company or another. Sharpie, post-it, wite-out, band-aid—all of these are nouns that we use to refer any number of items: permanent … Read more…

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