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HB Design – 18 rockin’ years!

The year was 1976. I started my career in marketing communications in 1976. That same year the Space Shuttle Enterprise rolled out, Apple Computer Company was formed, and a little-known company named Microsoft registered as a business.

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Graphic Design Down Under

I recently returned from a holiday in New Zealand. The country is visually stunning! I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty countrywide, and I was also taken by the amount of bold, illustrative graphic design that lives almost everywhere. It … Read more…

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Content is King

In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King” (http://www.craigbailey.net/content-is-king-by-bill-gates/), which over time has become a mantra for the web. Like many sacred utterances some believe it and others challenge it. And I suspect most people haven’t … Read more…

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Presentation Tools for the C2CB Audience

Here at HB Design, we spend most days strategizing, concepting, designing and implementing amazing solutions for our clients. Most of our solutions target B2B, B2C or even internal client audiences, but there is one other area where our expertise can … Read more…

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Man’s New Best Friend?

Ingenuity in advertising creates an entirely new type of demand A few months ago I received a group email from a friend reading: “I want one of these http://journalofpetitelapgiraffescience.weebly.com/!” I clicked the link and viewed a live feed of a … Read more…

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